Health Membership Statement

Please read the following exercise advice carefully.

Ask any staff member to guide you into the most suitable class or program. Work at a low level on your first visit and concentrate on learning to do the exercises properly. On each visit you will be able to work a little harder. Be sure to limit yourself to a pace where you can still talk comfortably. Should you suffer an injury, illness or conditions in the future please tell us by completing this form again.



I recognise that the instructor is not able to provide me with medical advice with regard to my fitness, and that this information is used as a guideline to the limitations of my ability to exercise. I understand that using gym equipment may cause injury and that I will not hold Kor Fitness & Health liable for any injuries sustained while using the gym and its facilities whether I am visiting during or outside of staffed hours. I have answered questions to the best of my ability and understand the advice above.


I confirm that I have assessed myself as capable of using the gym after hours based on the above questionnaire, and that I understand the safety and security measures in place for after hours use and understand that outside of staffed hours there will be no staff present.