The Perfect Lunch

This quick, easy and balanced salad is the perfect lunch in our humble opinion.

This salad combines greens, healthy fats and a few little carbohydrates to keep you going all afternoon.


- Half a cup of your choice of carbohydrates - we like to use brown rice or quinoa

- One cup of mixed greens or spinach

- Small handfull of crushed feta - for this salad we used danish feta, but regularly use goatscheese for something different.

- Half a diced tomato

- One small can of tinned tuna - We like to use a high quality, sustaiably caught tuna such as Serina Tuna.

- Season to taste with pepper


This salad can be as easy or as simple as you like. We often eat it with just the tuna, rice, feta and greens but also love boosting it up with avocado or red onion if I happen to have it in the fridge.

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